If you have sufficient knowledge of one language or there are native speakers of one language within your staff, we can provide proofreading-only services.



When do I need proofreading services?

There are several cases in which you may need professional proofreading services. For example you have done your own translation but you need a native speaker to proofread the document to make it sound fully native.

Or you have ordered a first-draft translation and your document is ready but you would like to use our proofreading services so that our experienced translators will read the source text and the target translation, detect any errors and adapt it culturally to offer a final, native version.

However, sometimes there is no original because you know the langauge you are translating into and are very familiar with the subject. We often proofread scientific journals and articles of foreign academics and students for publication into English. Other times, our clients have drafted correspondence or they have a technical proposal translation and just need a native speaker check.

Contact Pangeanic to find out more about our proofreading services. We are always glad to help you and sound native, in any language!!