Pangeanic is a professional translation company offering fast and reliable AI-enhanced human translation. We combine the best of neural networks with human knowledge to speed international content delivery

As a translation company, Pangeanic provides specialized technical translation and specialized translation services with a team of in-house translators and freelance expert linguists into:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • and many other languages.

Our technological developments in the field of machine translation have been implemented in digital businesses and corporations in manufacturing, translation departments within other organizations and institutions worldwide. Pangeanic’s automatic translation division can build customized translation engines taking your terminology and previously translated material to reduce costs and save you translation and publication time.

Pangeanic provides specialized technical translation and specialized translation services

Our team offers tailored, flexible solutions with your needs in mind. Whether you need multilingual creative marketing literature such as transcreation, financial documentation, medical tests and healthcare translation, pre-release software checks, user manuals or technical documentation, Pangeanic will offer years of translation experience and implement a tested workflow, making use of the best professionals in the field – we want you to be heard, read and understood across the world.

Pangeanic offers machine translation services through its separate division, servicing corporations and other language services providers needing to apply the technology and improve its production workflows. With a team wholly dedicated to on-demand machine translation output, you will find top-of-the-range performing customized engines in our Pangea systems – designed just for you.

Visit our machine translation section.

  • Reasons

  • Our mission

    Pangeanic is a leading provider of translation, publication, software localization and manual-making services.

  • Our team

    The Pangeanic translation team has many years of experience in translating texts foreign languages into their native languages.


  • Partners

    Pangeanic is partner of TAUS, TDA, the forward-thinking translation memory sharing initiative by TAUS, ITI and of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce

  • Social Responsibility

    Social responsability is part of a company’s obligations towards society, but the term social responsibility means different things to different people.