November 10, 2010

Machine translation technology and implementations at AMTA

AMTA 2010 The Ninth Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas Denver, Colorado October 31—November 4, 2010 Pangeanic took part as a speaker at AMTA 2010, that is, the 9th AMTA Conference Edition held at the Westin…

October 12, 2010

Machine Translation Trends – ProZ Conference

ProZ Translation Agencies Virtual Conference Machine Translation Trends Machine translation is here to stay. In this discussion panellists delve into current trends in machine translation and their effect on the translation industry. The discussion is particularly targeted at translation agencies….

October 11, 2010

PangeaMT’s collaborative voice in TAUS Conference

TAUS USER CONFERENCE 2010 Language Business Innovation – Shared Opportunities Governor Hotel, Portland (OR), USA / October 3 – 6, 2010 Apart from presenting the Sony use case with Salomé López-Lavado (Sony Europe) and actively participating in the final Moses…

October 11, 2010

Pangeanic takes part in Localization World Seattle

Localization World Conference, Seattle (Washington), USA 6th – 8th October 2010 Pangeanic BDM attended the Localization World conference in Seattle, WA right after speaking at TAUS User Conference in Portland, OR. This was a tremendous opportunity to keep abreast of…

September 30, 2010

Machine Translation! – Online Presentation at ProZ

ProZ Freelance Translator Virtual Conference – Translation3 Empower yourself with Machine Translation! – On-demand presentation by E. Yuste, Pangeanic BDM and PangeaMT Lead Our session deals with how MT, and in particular domain-specific MT applications, can empower not just large…

September 29, 2010

PangeaMT for freelance translator groups!

ProZ Freelance Translator Virtual Conference – Translation3 Machine Translation Trends – Panel with Jeff Allen & Elia Yuste, moderated by Anas Tawileh Machine translation is here to stay. In this discussion panellists delve into current trends in machine translation and…

September 20, 2010

Pangeanic BDM to speak at ATC UK Conf in London

PangeaMT – Start planning your MT adoption for success! Aligning the paper title with that of this year’s ATC Conference, “Evolution of the Translation Industry – planning for success”, our goal is to help translation companies in their successful adoption…

September 10, 2010

PangeaMT and Sony Europe – MT use case TAUS 2010

TAUS USER CONFERENCE 2010 Language Business Innovation – Shared Opportunities Governor Hotel, Portland (OR), USA / October 3 – 6, 2010 Moving on with MT: Building open-source MT with your vendor and serving it Salomé López-Lavado (Sony Europe) and Elia…

August 20, 2010

Pangeanic’s experience with TAUS Data Association

Read this testimonial if you would like to know more about the benefits of belonging to TAUS TDA from the LSP point of view. This is also of use to understand how TDA has contributed to the successful creation of…

June 30, 2010

Pangeanic welcomes Sony Europe Localization Head

While we were attending the last EAMT Conference (see dedicated post in our News), Pangeanic also welcomed Sony Professional Europe Localization Head, Salomé López-Lavado. Pangeanic has been a realiable language vendor and technology consultant for several years. The visit highlighted…

June 29, 2010

First LSP creating SMT division deploying TDA data

TAUS Data Association (TDA) highlights in a new online report the fact that Pangeanic is a first example of a LSP company that, making extensive use* of TDA data, has succeeded in creating a new Statistical Machine Translation division, PangeaMT….

June 29, 2010

PangeaMT’s successful performance MT Trainer Pilot

We are always keen to show that training machine translation engines is not as cumbersome and slow as in the past or as some MT outsiders or newcomer might think. There is a new generation of MT developers, such as…

June 1, 2010

Pangeanic CEO to speak in Localization World 2010

Mr M Herranz, Pangeanic’s CEO, will take part in the MT in the Real World discussion panel within the Localization World 2010 conference in Berlin on Wed, 9th June. As highlighted by its title, this session focuses on authentic MT implementations and…

May 31, 2010

Visiting associated companies in Japan and China

Following our participation in TAUS Tokyo Summit in April, Mr M Herranz, our CEO will visit B.I. Japan in Tokyo and B.I. China in Shanghai. Apart from discussing in detail ongoing joint business operations with these outstanding language service providers…

May 31, 2010

New version of PangeaMT for German

Pangeanic follows a constant improvement policy with regard to all PangeaMT developments. We are a forward-looking, innovation-driven company, always eager to test, adopt and apply the latest MT-related techniques, also for the languages that are being used or considered by…

April 10, 2010

PangeaMT to be presented in Tokyo

PangeaMT will be introduced in Japan as part of TAUS Tokyo Summit from 14th-16th April, 2010. The Tokyo summit will be the first of its kind in the country and it will have a strong focus on Use Cases and…

April 6, 2010

First translation company to implement Moses successfully

Pangeanic, as a leading translation company, has been mentioned by the development consortium EuroMatrixplus, as the first company in the world to successfully implement the statistical machine translator Moses in a commercial environment. “We are thrilled that our effort has…

January 15, 2010

FEDER funds award to develop Statistical MT

Pangeanic has been awarded EU funds under the FEDER programme and Valencia’s local government IMPIVA in order to develop English-Spanish Statistical Machine Translation prototypes. The award number is IMIDTA/2009/741. For Pangeanic, this marks the beginning of a series of developments into…