English was considered the universal language of the Internet, but it soon became apparent that the growth of online communities was linked to local languages – societies are deeply rooted in their history, culture and language. If we consider people as a potential consumer base for many businesses, they need to be addressed and catered for respecting their cultural preferences and linguistic preferences, and this is particularly true when offering French translation for websites with which French speakers across the globe will interact.

In this article, we are going to deal specifically on

The Importance of Having a Quality French Translation for Websites for American businesses

If you are going to focus on French speaking markets, quality French translations from a reliable French translation service must be high on your list.  Companies, in order to successfully market their products and services must use quality French translation services which make use of adequate language tools and technologies to process your original content in any language, certify that the correct French terminology is used in all French translations so that your message is read in French without native French speakers noticing it is a French translation.

This is particularly relevant when we deal with quality French translation for websites. In the 21st century, your French website is your first and best presentation card to French-speaking audiences.

French translations

It is known by companies and organizations involved in publishing effective translated content for websites in French and French translations of their reports that the importance of a high quality French translation for websites to communicate with French-speaking audiences in Europe, Canada and Africa cannot be overstressed.

A quality French translation for websites ensures that your content, marketing material and advertisements which were designed initially for American audiences, become more relevant to French-speakers (not just in France but also in neighboring Canada, Switzerland, Belgium all North African countries and many countries in central Africa, too). As you engage potential French-speaking consumers in French, you can expect a more effective response, understanding and acceptance of your products, and your eCommerce site will become more popular.

Globalization and Internet commerce have created immense opportunities for online marketing and promotion for American companies. Having a French translation for websites is not a luxury but rather an opportunity. A lucrative online market awaits those companies using professional translation services for

  • Finding the precise French keywords for websites
  • High quality French translation for websites
  • Generating engaging content in French for your audience.

Pangeanic has years of experience in the provision of quality French translations for websites, translations for the medical sector, technical translations, translations for demanding sectors such consumer electronics, professional electronics, translations for the automotive sector, helping US companies enter markets thanks to its professional language services. Pangeanic develops long-term consumer-buyer relationships. The importance of quality French translations increases when your French website or online French content needs to include specific French technical terminology – and this is when our experience working for large multinationals like Sony, Panasonic, Rolls Royce, Toshiba, Subaru, Olympus, Nikon, etc., is a guarantee to you that Pangeanic has translation quality process in place, French terminology databases, French translators and French proofreaders to complete a round French website localization service.

French translations for French-speaking markets

If we took Quebec as a country, its economy would be ranked the 44th largest in the world just behind Norway. In 2012, Quebec’s GDP was US$ 358 Bn with a GDP per capita of US$ 44,286. In Europe, France is one of the most powerful economies. The country is home to various multinationals and corporate giants such as France Telecom and Airbus, as well as a very strong cosmetics and consumer goods industry.

Having a French translation of your website, you will be better positioned to speak to those business and have them find you as a serious and potential partner.

The economy of Canada’s Quebec is diversified and post-industrial, with a large services sector. Manufacturing and the Service sectors dominate the economy with an average potential for growth. According to OECD reports in 2012, labor productivity level of Switzerland, where around 20% of the population speak French, is one of highest in Europe, with a GDP of $362.4 billion and a GDP per capita of $54,600. The rise of many French-speaking African countries in North Africa and the dominance of French as a language of education, prestige and commerce, make French translations for websites and French document translations an official requirement because French is the official language in many African nations.

It is estimated that more than 300 million people speak French all over the world. Several more use French for daily transactions even though they are not native French speakers. These French-speaking communities are an untapped consumer base and can effectively serve as buyers of your services and products. To make your marketing content more relatable to them, it is advisable to have a French translation of your marketing content to ensure better communication.

Today France has one of the highest numbers of active online users in Europe. A large active online user community is a large potential consumer base for you company. A French language website is the best tool for marketing, bringing your content closer to French culture. Having a French translation of your website content, you will be better able to address, attract, engage and build loyalty with your target audience.

Quality French translations provide American businesses with opportunities to adopt a more specific marketing approach for a worldwide French market and is one of the elemental tools of online marketing.

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