Short history of the Japanese language

A short history of the Japanese language There are few languages on Earth which escape a deep analysis of its roots and origins and the Japanese language is one of them, perhaps together with Basque and a few more isolates.

Can translations boost websites and exports?

Can translations boost websites and exports? Is translation a good investment? Let us quote a famous saying “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his

5 creative writing tips for marketing

Many businesses, and technical translation companies handling many languages are no exception, fail when it comes to writing marketing texts. How is this possible? Should technical translation companies and translation services in general not be aware of the dangers of

The Swedish Language

Just as Danish and Norwegian, Swedish also belongs to the North Germanic language group. It is not a widely spoken language: some 9 million people speak it in Sweden, although it is also used in some regions of Finland, where

Technical translations for the IT industry

A business operating in IT industry needs technical translation services the most. This is because they need a lot of written technical materials for executing their business processes, because they need to provide documentation with every implementation and also because

The Afrikaans Language

It may be strange for a translation company outside South Africa to have translation requests into Afrikaans. At Pangeanic, as one of the best translation agencies in the world, we have to cater for all language combinations, and Afrikaans is

The growing popularity of machine translation services

With the growing popularity of digital content and expectations of the customers for quality translations in their own local language, translation companies experience a great pressure from international businesses to localize content in order to gain maximum online presence. As

12 tips for translators to provide quality translations

The best translation agencies require quality translations at the source to run efficient translation processes. This means reducing checking time after the delivery of a translation in which, for example, instructions have been ignored. These are 12 basic tips for translations to offer quality translations at the source.

The best time to translate a company website

Is it the best time to translate a company’s website, news, documents, reports, press releases? Well, looking at expert business advice, the time is NOW. But, why isn’t every company doing it? The availability of fast translation services is no

3 tips on translating a website and website localization

Translating a website and website localization are essential for companies, business and even individuals looking to market and sell their products (and increasingly services) in a shrinking world. There are hardly any “national markets” any longer, and the growing number